Shining Light Photography

Wedding Packages


Our Wedding Packages are completely done for you all you need to do is pick the one you like. If you find you don’t like any of our packages we also offer a customizable wedding package option; prices are below. The prices include only one photographer; if you would a second photographer at your wedding; please



Platinum Package - $3000                                                    Gold Package - $2300


8 hours – Continuous Coverage                                              7 hours – Continuous

Unlimited Number of Images                                                 Unlimited Number of Images

$300 Print Credit                                                                    $200 Print Credit

1 10x10 20 sided Wedding Album                                        1 10x10 20 sided Wedding Album

2 10x10 20 sided Photo Books                                               All images on a USB drive w/print release form

High Res DVD with Copy Rights                                          DVD Slideshow with 50 Images (3 copies)

DVD Slideshow with 50 Images (3 copies)                           Online Ordering for 60 days

Online Ordering for 60 days                                                   Complementary 1 hour Engagement Session

Complementary 1 hour Engagement Session                         $100 Engagement Print Credit          

$150 Engagement Print Credit          



Silver Package - $1800                                                          Add Ons


6 hours – Continuous Coverage                                              Second Photographer $350 up to 8 hours

Unlimited Number of Images                                                 Wedding Album 20 sided $375

$100 Print Credit                                                                    Photo Book 20 sided $150

1 – 10x10 20 sided Photo Book                                             Extra Time Main Photographer $150 per hour

All images on a USB drive w/print release form                    Extra Time Second Photographer $75 per hour

Online proof/ordering gallery for 60 days                              Unlimited USB w/print release form $275

Complementary 1 hour Engagement Session                         DVD Slideshow $125

$75.00 Engagement Print Credit                                            Custom Photo Finishing 25 images $75




Shining Light Photography

Small Wedding Packages


With our small wedding packages only the Main Photographer’s time is included in the price(s); a second photographer can be “added” to our Small Wedding Packages if you would like a second photographer; prices are below. Like our Wedding Packages above, you can exchange any item in the package(s) with other one; the same terms apply.


Ruby Package - $1100                                                          Diamond Package - $900


5 hours – Continuous Coverage                                              4 hours – Continuous Coverage

Unlimited Number of Images                                                 Unlimited Number of Images

1 – 16x20                                                                                1 – 11x14

2 – 11x14                                                                                2 – 8x10

4 – 8x10                                                                                  4 – 5x7

8 – 5x7                                                                                    8 wallets

16 wallets                                                                                Online Ordering for 30 Days

Online Ordering for 30 Days



Emerald Package – 700                                                        Add Ons


3 hours – Continuous Coverage                                              Second Photographer $175 (up to 5 hours)

Unlimited Number of Images                                                 Extra Time $150 Main Photographer

1 – 8x10                                                                                  Extra Time $75 Second photographer

2 – 5x7                                                                                    Engagement Session w/DVD $100

4 wallets                                                                                  DVD Slideshow $125

Online Ordering for 30 Days                                                  Unlimited USB w/print release form $275                                                                                                                 Wedding Album 20 sided $375

                                                                                    Photo Book 20 sided $150

                                                                                    Custom Photo Finishing 25 images $75



Shining Light Photography

Customizable Wedding Packages


With our Customizable Weddings option you choose exactly what you would like for your wedding photography service. All of our services and prints/products are listed below with their prices next to them.


Main Photographer                                                                      $150 per hour 

Second Photographer                                                                   $75 per hour

Wedding Album (Customized by you on your private client page)          $375, 20 pages

Photo Book (Customized by you on your private client page)               $150, 20 pages

DVD Slideshow                                                                          $125 3 – 4 songs and up to 300 pictures

USB drive w/print release form                                                  $275 with ALL the pictures taken at the wedding

Custom Photo Finishing                                                             $5 per image


Custom Photo Finishing includes, removing skin imperfections (i.e. blemishes, freckles, scars etc.), brightening the eyes, giving the images a soft glow or vignette, slimming the subjects in the image when possible etc. Our clients are free to ask for certain adjustments to be made to the images, but need to understand that not all adjustments can be made on all images, and agree to follow the direction of the photographer.