Eileen Bradfield: The Photographer

Eileen is a professional photographer who has worked in the business for over ten years and in June of 2012 opened her own small portrait and wedding photography business in the Greater Kansas City area. She very personable and specializes in family, children, senior and wedding portraits. She relies on excellent interpersonal skills to put clients at ease and produce treasured photos. She is continually inspired by people from all walks of life. She is dedicated and exhibits a true love for the craft, art and science of the photography process. She inspires others with creative insight and enthusiasm. She is highly-skilled and driven to fulfill the planned concept or desired results of each project. She is adaptable and flexible, a team player able to cope well with obstacles and remain true to goals.

"The best thing about being a professional photographer is being able to meet new people and help them preserve their most cherished moments with the ones they love. I couldn't ask for better clients, a more loving and supportive family and a better way to share my gift/talent with other people around me; I turly feel blessed to be able to be a photographer."
Eileen Bradfield